Dell Dimension 9200 Dual 2.4 GHz
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I work from home running my own websites, so it is critical to me that my home PC run quickly and smoothly. I've had this machine just over a year, and had it come with Vista installed. I am incredibly pleased with both the system and the operating system.

I run a large number of high end packages on here - audio editing, video editing, graphic editing, database design and more. I am hammering on the Dell almost 24 hours a day, typing away, running processing routines. It has held up to everything without a glitch. I have two external hard drives plugged into it, I plug in iPods, video cameras, memory sticks, audio inputs, and just about anything else you might imagine. It's handled all of it smoothly.

I do video game testing so I'm often running games with high graphics requirements and high speed requirements. The Dell handles it all very smoothly.

I switch computers about once a year because I am always needing to upgrade. Usually in the past I've had issues with a system, with it running slowly as I ramp up the apps I am using, and I am forced to upgrade. It's been over a year with this one and I haven't run into that problem yet. The only software that has crashed even occasionally is my Adobe video editing software - when I'm working with very large video files - and to be honest I blame Adobe for that, not the Dell.

Highly recommended!

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