Gmail and Folders
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Gmail, for all its bells and whistles, is set up in a VERY simple format. You have piles of messages. You put them into a limited number of folders. That's it.

While you can "hide" folders from the left hand column, to make that left column easy to glance at, when you actually go to MOVE messages into folders you use a drop down list which always shows all the folders. So you have to go digging through all your folder names to find the one you want.

There is NO option of having subfolders in Gmail.

So for example when I am taking online classes I make a folder for each class. That way all my correspondence with various students about that class is in once place. However, when that class is over, I don't need that folder in my "active folders list" any more. I want to have access to the folder for long term archival reasons, but I don't need the folder to be in all my active lists.

There's no way to create a subfolder that puts all my "done" classes into one area, to keep them out of the way.

The only real solution is to use a third party tool to archive the messages completely out of Gmail and onto my hard drive.

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