HP PSC 2175 Printer Printer

I work from home, meaning there's a variety of things I have to print. Sometimes it's invoices. Sometimes it's shipping statements. I print letters and receipts. I'm not printing all day, but I do tend to print something every day. I need a printer that's reliable.

HP PSC 2175 Printer Printer I was very happy with the HP PSC 2175 for a number of years. It printed steadily. It created good quality output. I never needed any of the memory card units - I have those right in my computer next to me. But for the printing - and sometimes the copying - it was quite useful.

Then, about three years into owning it, it developed an odd problem. When the unit was turned on, the scanner head would go out a little, come back, and then start grinding. Website after website talked about people having this issue. They talked about cleaning mirrors, cleaning the glass, and so on. We took the whole thing apart multiple times and cleaned everything in sight - but nothing works. It still grinds.

On one hand it lasted three years and was solid for those years. But, on the other hand, are printers really three-years-and-dead now? That seems an amazing shame.

In terms of the scanner, I now use a NEAT scanner (the kind you send pages into one after another) and I *love* it so I can't imagine going back to a flatbed scanner. I suppose I do use a flatbed for old photos, but I've scanned all of those in at this point so I don't even do that any more.

All in all, I'd say to seek out something more recent and more reliable at this point.

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