Jabra MOTION Bluetooth Mono Headset

My boyfriend has tried many headset options over the years, and he currently enjoys his Motorola H19txt Universal Bluetooth Headset. We decided to test out this Jabra to see how it compared.

Jabra MOTION Bluetooth Mono Headset First, the unit is fairly sizeable, especially compared with the H19txt. He uses the smallest size on the Jabra and even so he'd like to go smaller to have it fit properly. He's 5'10" so an average sized male. The silicon piece which hooks on and goes into the ear doesn't seal well - it sits on rather than in. So max volume isn't always loud enough, depending on the environment.

It's reasonably comfortable to wear for multiple hours at a stretch. However when he does have to swap ears, it's not as easy as other devices. You have to pull out and rotate pieces, all while carefully avoiding the "call" button so it doesn't try to do something. The volume control is functional, but a little hokey. He'd prefer a typical rocker switch for more precise control.

Given the price he was surprised at the less than 8 hour battery life. Also, the connection was a bit flaky. With other headsets, he had no problem listening to an audio book, having a call come in, taking the call, and going back to the book. With this headset the sequence would often disconnect the headset, requiring him to turn the headset off and on again to reconnect.

It's also disconnected from the phone even though the phone's right there on his belt.

On the up side the sound quality is fairly good. When he opens his car window, the headset adjusts and the call is still easy to hear on both ends. The mute function is a nice feature.

So we'll give this a 3.5 stars given the disconnect issues. There's no reason we'd want to use this when the H19txt works so much better and is smaller.

We received a review copy of this unit through the Amazon vine program.

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