3M 2 x 4 Inches White Labels
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The 2"x4" label size is the size I use for all my mailing, including Christmas cards and similar envelopes. It's perfect because you can put both the sending address and your return address on the same label.

I create a template in Word which, using tables, has each label split into thirds. The bottom two-thirds are blank, and this is where I hand write in the name of the person I'm sending to. The top third is colored in. I use different colors for different purposes, to keep them easily separate. So for example for my BellaOnline website I have a blue background for that top third. On the right side of that top third area I put the BellaOnline logo. On the left side I put the return address.

Sometimes I have reason to fill in the "to" address in Word. For example, I have elderly relatives I write to every other week so I make up pre-printed labels for them. It's easy to do that, just put their "to" address into that bottom two-thirds white area in nice big letters.

I typically used Staples big-box packs of labels, and it would be a question of how the price for the bulk buy compares with this smaller size. Of course it depends on how many of them you go through in a month or two. For me I do a lot of mailings so buying in bulk makes a lot of sense.

In terms of printing, I've never had any problems with either these labels or the Staples labels, so both are good in that sense. I would really hope in these modern times that any label sold would function well in printers. I suppose there might be labels out there somewhere that I haven't run into which jam the printers or have issues. These work just the way they're supposed to.

Besides mailings of all kinds, these are also great for "book plate" types of functions. Great for putting on books and DVDs you own, so if you lend them out you can hopefully get them back.

Well recommended.

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