Logitech Couch Mouse M515

I travel a fair amount. When I travel, I bring my laptop with me. The little touch pad is certainly good for many uses, but there are times that a mouse is infinitely better for fine control. When Amazon Vine offered up a Logitech Couch Mouse M515 for testing, I immediately grabbed one to see how well it would perform.

Logitech Couch Mouse M515 The unit is a good, small size, and the USB dongle tucks nicely into the mouse itself. That way it does't get lost when you travel. The dongle is tiny and perfect for fitting seamlessly into the laptop's side.

The mouse has a nice scroll wheel and works well. It is great for using on a tray on your bed or couch, or even on an airline food tray. It is just what it says it is - a small sized, easy to move around mouse that does a good job.

They claim you can use this on fabric - on the blanket of your bed or on a couch. Certainly you could, but in my mind if you're using the mouse it's because you want some reasonable amount of control over what you're doing. If I wanted jerky, point-at-a-big-picture type of control I'd just use the touch pad. I am using the mouse because I care a bit more about exactly what pixel I'm pointing at. Still, if for some reason you really want to use a mouse and also don't mind a casual level of detail from its pointing, then this will work fine for you.

Well recommended for its purpose.

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