Logitech 720p Laptop Webcam C905

When I travel, I often need to do Skype activities. Either I'm Skyping home to talk with my family, or I'm doing business related Skypes with editors from around the world. I love my Logitech laptop webcam for these purposes.

Logitech 720p Laptop Webcam C905 Setup on my laptop was quite easy. My boyfriend has a matching one so we've installed this both on XP and Windows 7 systems. In both cases the installation went smoothly and the Skype was up and running in minutes. The unit is small, portable, and easily clips onto the top of the laptop.

The image quality is great. I've done "tours" of my rooms on a Seattle oceanfront, at the Tower of London, in Bordeaux, in Ukraine, and in numerous other locations. So there's been foggy skies, dreary skies, dark skies, super-sunny skies, you name it. The webcam has performed admirably in all situations.

I've used this both for one-on-one chats as well as roomful-of-people chats where various people had to be heard. It's been great. There haven't been any issues with sound quality or with visuals. We've had situations where we held up graphics and other visual items and the person on the other end can see what we're showing them.

Well recommended - I've used this for years and love it for all my traveling!

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