Logitech 720p Webcam Pro 9000

My father lives alone and does not have any family within easy distance. I decided I wanted to Skype with him each night to check in on him. I bought us matching sets of Logitech Pro 9000 units to do our Skyping with.

Logitech 720p Webcam Pro 9000 The setup on my Windows 7 system was extremely simple. It was plug and play. In only a few minutes I had my webcam up and running!

I am *thrilled* with both the video and the sound quality. I have tested out other webcam units and they do not compare. My father is hard of hearing, so good sound quality is critical. He is able to hear me well with this unit. The video quality is great. We get crisp, easy to see images. He loves to do genealogy so often he's holding up census records and the like for me to look at. The camera auto-refocuses on the item and I can read what he is showing me.

I can zoom in and out. I can pan left and right. I can get the webcam's focus and field of vision to be exactly what I want it to be. In my case I focus in fairly close on my face so he can see my lips, to help him with lip reading and his hearing.

The free software that comes with the Logitech webcam is great. We can "put on hats" or do other silly things with the software. It is a lot of fun. Sure, most of the time we don't use it, but having it there is a fun treat for occasional use.

I've had this webcam for quite a while now and have never had any issues at all with it. Any time I test or use another webcam, I'm reminded of how much I enjoy this one. It is a pleasure to use.

Highly recommended.

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