Motorola H19txt Universal Bluetooth Headset

My boyfriend uses his phone fairly non-stop, and it's critical to him that his headset works clearly and well. He's tried many options over the years. So he was curious how the Motorola H19txt Universal Bluetooth Headset would hold up.

Motorola H19txt Universal Bluetooth Headset First off, the small size is great. It fits right into your ear in multiple ways. There's an over-the-ear hook, which he finds too loose and it easily falls off when being active. Then there are in-ear rings. For him, one size is too small and easily falls out. The other size is a bit too big so it fits but the pressure hurts after a little while. So he'd like a middle size.

The battery life is good - he gets a steady eight hours out of it. It's got a number of neat features. If you press the volume on and off at the same time during a call, it mutes, and tells you verbally that it's muted. Do it again and the mute turns off. If you do that when you're not on a call, it'll tell you talk time remaining. If you press and hold the call button while turning on the headset, you can change various options including the voice interface and caller ID.

We highly recommend turning OFF the caller ID feature. With it on, you have to wait through an interminable computer voice reading out all ten digits of the phone call before you can answer it. You'll be lucky the person didn't hang up by the time you wait for that to finish.

Compared with other phones we've tested, this one works much better at staying connected while calls come and go, and other activities like audio books stop and start again.

He'd like it if it could let you listen with the little microphone piece tucked in. But that's a minor complaint.

Well recommended.

We received a review copy of this unit through the Amazon vine program.

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