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While I can review a computer game after "beating it" - often a week or two after purchase - with Norton 360 I waited several months after installing it to come to any judgement. There is always a learning curve with any serious software product where you tweak the settings, learn what combination works well for you, and so on. I really feel a serious package like this should be tested out for many weeks - not days - before a decision is made about it.

I run Norton 360 on my main home PC, from which I run several websites. This means I am running database development software, graphic editing software, video editing software, logging software and much more on this machine. Plus I'm a game reviewer, so I'm running some pretty intensive games on it as well. My machine does a great variety of things. You would think if an issue was going to trigger, that I'd probably trigger it.

I definitely agree that you need to spend a little time setting up the software to work well with your surfing and net patterns. Someone who does a lot of networking operations might need ports more open than someone who just reads email and wants their computer locked up tightly. Now, that being said, the interface is rather straightforward to do this. Once you set it up, you're all set.

I haven't run into any issues with Norton 360 once it was set up well. Yes I had to do some tweaking to get my various POP mail accounts working - many of which are customized and using non-standard ports. It was a one time operation, and has been set since then.

In terms of the quality of the anti-virus software, I always give Norton very high marks. Our cable company provided free anti-virus software as part of our cable bill. Virusses got right through their "shield". When I put on Norton, Norton instantly spotted those virusses and eliminated them without any fuss.

I completely agree that some systems out there might have issues with this software package, just like some people are deathly allergic to peanuts. Where an XBox 360 is a perfect clone of every other XBox 360 out there, every PC is unique. Every person has different internet settings, different mail software, and perhaps most importantly, different virusses and spyware that have snuck on your system. Undoubtedly there is always going to be some unique blend of these things that causes a system to crash - with OR without Norton 360. In general, though, I really feel Norton 360 should work extremely well on most systems.

Well recommended - but as always, back up your system before beginning, and have your network documentation handy so you know which specific ports you happen to be personally using, to keep those open.

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