Microsoft Office 2007
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I downloaded the beta for Microsoft Office 2007 and then upgraded to the full version as soon as it became available. I use Outlook for my mail, task management and contact management. I do a ton of documents in Word, and many tracking spreadsheets for eBay, finances and more in Excel. This is truely a cornerstone of how I manage my business and life.

First, I went for the "standard" version of Office rather than the home/student version because I *really* use Outlook a ton. I really recommend other people who are considering the home/student version to consider what a big difference that is. The task manager is just so important to me to juggle the things I'm working on and keep them organized. Just about every task management book I own talks about the criticality of doing this. The contact manager is great - I track everything from mailing lists to Christmas card sets in here. It downloads instantly to my iPod so I always have that data with me when I travel. And as far as the standard mail features in Outlook, it is amazing. I have rules set up to auto-sort my incoming mail. The junk email blocker is great and works smoothly along with Norton, which I also have filtering out my mail. Whatever one of them misses, the other one catches. I have multiple mail accounts, multiple signatures, and multiple mail servers and it organizes them all easily. Archiving out old mail so it is on a backup storage is easy as well.

I am quite happy that they let you install both a computer AND a laptop with a single license. In the old days, you had to buy a copy for every computer you owned - and many software products still work like that! In fact the FTP software I use actively shuts down if it senses you're using a copy on the other machine. Kudos to Microsoft for letting you have both of your "primary" machines installed with one license.

For the "task" applications like Word and Excel, they have reorganized how the menu bars work. In the old days, everything went down a menu tree which could be challenging to learn.

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