Microsoft Office Outlook Indexing
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If you use Microsoft Office Outlook for email, you may get this message when you try doing a search:

Search results may be incomplete because items are still being indexed. Click here for more details.

Problem #1 is that the indexing only runs when your system is idle. If you have your computer set with power saver options cranked up, it may literally never be idle and "on"! You need to go into your power settings and turn off "sleep". That way your indexer has the chance to run.

If you need to, you can rebuild the index manually. You might have to do this after loading or unloading PST files.

1. Shut down outlook
2. Click Start button, click Control Panel, click System and Maintenance, click Indexing Options
3. Use Modify, Show All Locations to show everything.
4. Take EVERYTHING off.
5. Use Advanced, Rebuild to rebuild the index. You are emptying it out. Resetting it to zero.
6. Now go back in and add the folders you care about.
7. Then click Advanced. Under File Types make sure .PST files are being indexed.
8. Click REBUILD.

That will restart your index from scratch.

There's also a setting in Outlook itself that you'll want to look at.

1. Click Outlook, click Tools, click Instant Search, click Search Options, uncheck the data files
2. Save and exit. Restart outlook.
3. Click Outlook, click Tools, click Instant Search, click Search Options, check the data files you want indexed
4. Save and exit. Restart outlook.

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