HP Photosmart C309G Printer

We got this printer when our previous HP had died with the scanner stuck in a "jammed" mode where it would keep seeking and grinding on startup. Interestingly enough, three years later, THIS printer died with the exact same issue. In both cases repeated efforts to fix the issue were fruitless. So I wonder if HP simply has a three-year life on their printers nowadays and don't expect them to last longer than that.

HP Photosmart C309G Printer I loved this printer until it died. I run a business from home. That means I print out shipping labels, receipts, packing slips, letters, and that sort of thing. I don't churn the printer night and day but I probably do it at least once a day. I occasionally scan things, but not very much. It's fairly rare when I need to scan a document for some reason.

I did love the quality of the photo printing. I entered a number of art shows using prints made by this printer, and won a few. I upgraded to an Artisan printer for those, though, so I could do larger format prints at a better quality level.

We had this plugged into our router so we didn't run it wireless. I can't comment on that aspect of it. And I'm not a fan of how they're cluttering up their touch screens with ads for various things. The newer models are even worse, though. So this one is only mildly iffy. I only used the touch screen area for checking ink levels occasionally.

So, to summarize, it worked well for us for a number of years. And then it completely died in a way that couldn't be fixed. So I'm feeling a bit frustrated with HP printers and their short lives - but then again I just bought a HP Photosmart 7520 and am very happy with it. So we'll see if this lasts three years before it hits a scanner error too.

With this computer dating from 2009 and having an iffy review record, I'd bypass this and go with something more up to date.

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