Samsung Fascinate Cellphone

Samsung Fascinate I purchased my Samsung Fascinate Cellphone in October 2010 as my very first smart phone. I am absolutely thrilled with it! The screen display, responsiveness, and usefulness of the Fascinate is just great.

Here are my notes as I use and enjoy this cell phone!

Hardware and Accessories
Samsung Fascinate Cellphone - main review
Rocketfish Silicone Case
Just Wireless Car Charger

General Customizing
Customizing your Fascinate Desktop
Customizing your Fascinate Menu
Customizing your Buddies Now

Texting / Chatting
Texting Without a Text Plan
Skype and the Samsung Fascinate
AIM and the Samsung Fascinate

Getting Photos Onto your Fascinate
Viewing Photos On your Fascinate
Adding Photos to your Contacts

Adding Music to your Fascinate
Playing Music on your Fascinate
Setting Ringtones on your Fascinate

Write & Go on your Fascinate

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