Adding Music to your Fascinate
Samsung Fascinate Cellphone

Your Fascinate has a nicely sized hard drive to hold music for you to listen to! Not only that, but you can then use those songs to have as custom ring tones, on a person by person basis!

First, connect your Fascinate to your computer with the USB cable that came with it. If you don't have that original USB cable, any able with a USB connector on one end and a micro USB on the other should do the trick.

Next, from your home page on your Fascinate, click the settings button (the button in the bottom left that looks like a piece of paper). Go into Settings. Now click on USB settings.

Set your USB mode to Media Sync.

Now you should have a new "hard drive" show up on your PC's Explorer, to drag things to and from!

You'll see on that device a folder called "music". Drag and drop any MP3 files you want into that directory.

If you only have iTunes specific file formats, you'll want to get a converter (there are many online) to turn those into MP3 files. Alternately a slower way to do it is to create a playlist. Right click on that playlist and choose to burn it to a CD (an audio CD, not a MP3 CD). Now change your settings so that you rip CDs as MP3 files. You do that under Edit - Preferences - General - Import Settings (by the "insert a CD" area). Now insert your CD you just made and rip the CD.

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