Adding Photos to your Contacts
Samsung Fascinate Cellphone

Your Fascinate lets you have a photo by each person on your contact list, to easily identify them. This is also very useful for your "buddy" app where you scroll through the photos to figure out who to contact / call.

First you need to get the photos ONTO your Fascinate. I explain how to do that here:

Getting Photos Onto your Fascinate

Once they are on, disconnect the phone from your PC. Go to your home page with the home button. Now click the "contacts" button - the on-screen footer button second from the left. Click on the person you want to add a photo to. Once you have their details on the screen, click the "settings" button - the botton in the actual main footer of the phone that looks like a piece of paper.

Now click on "Edit" in the pop-up menu.

You get the full edit screen for that contact. Click on the blank photo spot in the top left. I put all my photos into a "contacts" directory so they're nicely managed here. Choose whatever photo you want for this person, from the ones you put onto your Fascinate.

You can choose an area of the photo by dragging your finger around on the screen to drag the orange selection box.

You can zoom in or out on the photo by pinching your fingers together on the screen or drawing them apart. Use Save, and save!

While you're in there, you can use the 'linked' function to combine together different entries for the same person. So if you have an entry for a person's phone info and another one for their gmail account, 'link' them together so you get just one contact entry.

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