Customizing your Buddies Now
Samsung Fascinate Cellphone

One of the cool widgets that comes with Samsung's Fascinate phone is called "Buddies Now". It lets you easily scan your favorite people and contact them - either by a phone call, message, or Facebook update. But how do you add people to that list?

The first part is easy. You create your regular phone contacts list, of people you want to call. then you add the Buddies Now widget to one of your desktop pages. There is a big "add" button by default at the middle of the widget. Click on that add button to add in contacts!

But what if you want to add a Facebook person, to keep track of them? This is where it gets a little more tricky. You have to go into the main settings for your entire phone. Click the lower left "piece of paper" settings button when you are on your main phone homepage. Now go into Accounts and sync. Go into Facebook and tell it to sync your contacts.

Voila! Now Buddies Now knows about your Facebook entries as well! Samsung Fascinate Cellphone main page

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