Customizing your Fascinate Desktop
Samsung Fascinate Cellphone

It is amazing how much you can customize your Fascinate desktop. For example one of the first things I did was download an "aquarium" background which lets you choose which fish swim around, and even lets you feed them!

In general your Fascinate desktop has seven pages on it. You can "flick" your finger to move between those seven pages. You can customize what is on each one.

To get to your home page, hit the button that looks like a house at the very bottom of your Fascinate unit. You start by default on the "middle" page which is good - it means it's only three swipes left or three swipes right to get to every page. I like to leave this starting page the way it's set up - with the time and weather, plus links to Bing (search engine), Email (Gmail), a browser, and voicemail.

Swipe left or right to get to other pages. To add new items to a page just press and hold on a blank area of the page. You can add in any Samsung widgets, Android widgets, or shortcuts you've made to either websites or to applications you've downloaded.

Some items take up an entire page. For example clocks are big and take up a lot of space. Other items take up only a tiny amount of space - for example web bookmarks. You can organize your pages to make them easiest for you to use. If you plunk something down you don't want - for example you put down the Buddy app by accident - just press and hold on it then drag it to the trash can below. The same thing holds for rearranging smaller icons like bookmarks on a given page.

To completely rearrange your page order, go to any page and then hit the "settings" button (the one that looks like a piece of paper in the very bottom left of the page). Choose Edit Page. Now you can drag and drop your various pages into any order you wish.

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