Just Wireless Car Charger
Samsung Fascinate Cellphone

If you have a cell phone, it of course makes sense that you want to have a car phone charger. Many people use cell phones when they are away from home, and they need to keep the cell phone fully powered in a variety of circumstances.

This cell phone charger has a standard "cigarette plug" charger on one end and the Samsung Fascinate micro USB connector on the other. Both ends work quite well, no issues there.

Interestingly the Fascinate is not listed on their packaging in their long list of matching phones - perhaps the packaging was made before the Fascinate was released. Other phones listed on here that you can compare with are the Samsung Mythic, Rant, Reality, Reclaim, Seek, Stride, Strive, and Stunt. It works with the Blackberry 9530 Storm, Storm2 9550, and Tour 9630.

The cable seems about as long as the various other cell phone chargers I own - long enough that my cell phone can rest on my seat, but not so long that there are wires everywhere. If someone needs to know the exact length I'd be happy to figure that out for them; it's not on the packaging and right now the charger is in my car :)

Speaking of the packaging, it's very eco friendly. There's a cardboard part and a plastic part and both can be recycled.

Well recommended.

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