Customizing your Fascinate Menu
Samsung Fascinate Cellphone

Your Samsung Fascinate has a menu bar across its bottom which by default shows four icons - phone, contacts, messaging, and applications. However, what if you NEVER use messaging? Surely you can customize that bar to show applications you actually use!

The answer is YES, you can customize that menu bar, and it's very easy!

Click on the Apps button to get to the list of applications you are using. Now just drag one of the three main icons - phone, contacts or messaging - off into the apps area and drag a new one in! Voila! You now can have whatever three apps you use the most! For example on my Samsung I don't have a messaging plan, so I never use messaging. However I *do* use Skype all the time, so I dragged that onto my bar.

That's it - you're all set customizing your Fascinate menu bar!

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