Getting Photos Onto your Fascinate
Samsung Fascinate Cellphone

One of the neat features of the Fascinate is that its screen is so amazingly bright and sharp. It becomes a wonderful photo viewer! Also, the contacts lists all show peoples' photos by their names, if you add those photos into the system. So you have incentive to add in photos of all your friends and family, to get those to show up.

So how do you get photos from your computer onto your Fascinate cell phone?

First, connect your Fascinate to your computer with the USB cable that came with it. If you don't have that original USB cable, any able with a USB connector on one end and a micro USB on the other should do the trick.

Next, from your home page on your Fascinate, click the settings button (the button in the bottom left that looks like a piece of paper). Go into Settings. Now click on USB settings.

Set your USB mode to Media Sync.

Now you should have a new "hard drive" show up on your PC's Explorer, to drag things to and from! I created a directory called "contacts" under "DCIM" to put all my contact photos into. That way they were all in one easy spot.

That way when you're working on your contact list, it's easy to find and use your photos!

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