Playing Music on your Fascinate
Samsung Fascinate Cellphone

In order to play music on your Fascinate, you first need to have music on it! I have instructions here for getting your favorite MP3 files onto your Fascinate phone:

Adding Music to your Fascinate

Once your MP3 files are in the music folder, it's time to play them.

By default your second page of your homepage has a bunch fo apps on it including the "Music Play" app. Voila! By default it shows you all the music it sees in your music folder. Make sure those are in MP3 format! You can see all of them in a list, or sort them by album or artist. Just click on a song to start it playing!

You can pause or fast forward through the songs. Hit "list" to go back to your main list of songs.

If you don't hear any music when it appears the song is playing, use the volume buttons on the side of your phone. Make sure it's cranked up.


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