Rocketfish Silicone Case
Samsung Fascinate Cellphone

I always buy protective cases for any important pieces of electronics I own. I have seen too many phones, iPods, and other similar devices dropped and broken! Even just a slim case can mean the difference between safety and disaster in a number of situations.

When I got my Samsung Fascinate the very first thing I did to it was slip on this Rocketfish silicone case. It was very easy to put on. It wraps around all four sides of the Fascinate and covers the back fully. There's a thin lip that holds it on the front. The lip does not interfere with operations in any way.

You can still get to all the ports without any problem, for plugging in power or doing other operations. The case is slim enough so it does not make the phone bulky or heavier. I haven't tried deliberately dropping my phone, but the case does seem to have enough thickness to provide some protection against drops or impacts.

Well recommended as a good solution to a well known problem!

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