Setting Ringtones on your Fascinate
Samsung Fascinate Cellphone

In order to set up ringtones on your Fascinate, you first need to have music on it! I have instructions here for getting your favorite MP3 files onto your Fascinate phone:

Adding Music to your Fascinate

Once your MP3 files are in the music folder, it's time to set them as ringtones.

Go into the Fascinate Music Player and play the song to test it out. Is it really going to catch your attention? Does the music start right away, so you know right away that a call is coming in? If the song starts with 30 seconds of silence, your caller may give up before you even know the call is there!

Once you've chosen a song that starts right up with music, and are playing it, click the 'settings' button in the bottom left of the phone (the button that looks like a piece of paper). Choose the "set as" choice. You can set the song as the ringtone for your entire phone or just for a specific person.

You can customize every contact in your system with their own personal ringtone!

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