Adding Photos to your Contacts
Samsung Fascinate Cellphone

Your Fascinate lets you store photos to share with people, a portable photo album of your favorite sights and people!

First you need to get the photos ONTO your Fascinate. I explain how to do that here:

Getting Photos Onto your Fascinate

Once they are on, disconnect the phone from your PC. Go to your home page with the home button.

Now flick your finger to move one page to the left. This by default is where your main apps are. In the bottom row should be an app for "Gallery". If you've lost it, that's OK. Just press and hold on a blank place on any page to add that app back to the page you want.

The Gallery app lets you view all photos on your Fascinate! It's easy to make folders of photos, to organize your pets and grandkids. Do that with your PC, by following the instructions in Getting Photos Onto your Fascinate.


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