Write & Go on your Fascinate
Samsung Fascinate Cellphone

One of the default apps that you find on your main Fascinate desktop is called Write & Go. This quick little note taker is great when you're out and about and need to remember something. Maybe you just remembered that you are out of milk and you want to make sure you don't forget that. You click on Write & Go, type a quick note to yourself, and save it. Poof, done, easy.

But where did that note GO??

When you save things as a memo, they go, naturally you might assume, to the memo application. To find the memo application, go to your main home screen by clicking on the "House" shaped button in the very bottom row of your Fascinate. One of the four main footer buttons there is "Applications" - on the right. Click on Applications.

You'll see a bunch of useful applications in there. You'll probably have to swipe one screen to the right, but there you will find a "Memo" app. This is where all your little memos are being stored for you.

If you use this a lot you might want to put a copy of the Memo app on one of your main homepage desktop areas.

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