Scotch Tape Dispenser
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First, it's important to note that this is clearly designed to be a light weight, portable tape dispenser. It doesn't have a firm base, it's not meant to sit on your desk and pull tape out with one hand. It is intended for two handed operation, for the times where you are out and about and need to use tape quickly or in a non-desk setting.

The unit is all plastic. Even the cutting surface for the tape is plastic. It's a two part shell, so you can easily pop it apart, put in a new roll of tape, and then put it back together again. This means you buy the unit once, and then just buy refills from that point forward.

I'm impressed that the plastic cutting edge does a decent job. It severs the tape neatly without any real effort needed.

The subtle circle designs on the site are pretty, and they give you a good gripping surface for when you hold and pull at the tape. The base has a flat area so it does sit upright, although as mentioned this is more for the convenience of picking it up rather than for being able to use it with one hand.

It is vaguely snail shaped, which I appreciate. My actual desktop tape dispenser looks like a snail and I love that. The unit I received was a hot pink color.

The plastic is perhaps a little chintzy - especially with this being meant to carry around with you and use in a variety of situations, I could see this easily breaking if it was dropped or something was put on top of it by accident.

In general, though, this is a nice little portable unit, and far better, ecologically, than continually buying and throwing away entire tape units.

FTC note: I was provided a free review copy to test out, via the Amazon vine program.

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