Seagate FreeAgent 320GB USB External Hard Drive
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I've been using this Seagate FreeAgent external hard drive for over a year now and I really have to say it's an excellent system. I've used it on both XP and Vista without any problems at all. It is very quiet compared with my other external hard drive. This Seagate hasn't had any sorts of issues at all and is always instantly acessible.

Seagate drive Compare that great performance with my new OneTouch drive. Even though the OneTouch is "newer" it randomly appears and disappears, sounds like a lawnmower sometimes and is just a pain to use.

Sometimes you don't appreciate how well something works until you get a new model which is really hard to deal with. The more I try other external drives, the more I really appreciate the Seagate FreeAgent and how smoothly it installs and operates.

A note for those who don't understand how computer memory works. When they say this drive is 320 gig they mean the actual disk storage space is 320,070,287,360 actual bytes. If you remember back in basic computer school, a "K" is 1024 bytes. It s NOT 1000 bytes!! So therefore the capacity measured in strict K is 298 GB. This is NOT because of OS loss - it is because of the way you count bytes and bits. I really wouldn't obsess about that 20 gig and the 2 large pictures you might have stored in that space. The 320 gig is quite ample for me to hold the video files I work with in a given month.

Well recommended!

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