Seagate FreeAgent 500GB USB External Hard Drive

I've used Seagate hard drives in the past and been quite pleased with them. When I saw that Seagate had a 500gb USB unit in a small size, I definitely wanted to give it a try.

Seagate drive It's extremely easy to use. You simply plug the USB connector into a USB port, and you have a drive available for use. You can drag and drop files onto the drive and move them from machine to machine. You can back up important files.

There is backup software that comes with it, to set up scheduled backups or one-time backups. I used the software with my Dell laptop and didn't run into any problems with it. It did the backups with quite easy setup. I use this laptop quite a lot and didn't notice any issues with the laptop after installing and running the software. So in my configuration the unit and software both work quite smoothly.

I can't think of any down side here. The unit is small and portable. It works the way it should. It's an easy way to back up and move files around. It works with anything that has a USB port in it.

Highly recommended.

I was sent a review unit of this drive from the manufacturer.

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