Seagate GoFlex 3TB Drive

I bought a Seagate GoFlex 3TB Drive in order to simplify my file storage and backup needs. This would let me have three 1TB partitions to organize my data and ensure backups ran smoothly and easily.

The drive was easy to install - just plug in the power, plug in the USB port, and turn it on. The software installed with a simple double-click on the SETUP link. The only problem, though, was that all attempts to partition the drive into three 1TB partitions failed.

Here is what I had to do to get it to work on Windows 7.

First, I went into:
control panel
administrative tools
computer management
disk management

I clicked on the drive in the lower area and I deleted that existing partition. Make very sure you delete the correct partition here!

Next I right-clicked in the "Disk7" box to the far left of the partition line. This gave me an option to "Convert to GPT". By doing this, the disk was now able to partition into proper chunks.

So now I could right click in the right hand area - the unallocated area. By doing so I could create my first partition. I gave it the size of 1,048,576 mb which is equal to 1TB. Once that was done and formatted, I did the same thing to create a second one, and then the third partition was made with the remainder.

Voila! All set, and fully functional.

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