Seagate FreeAgent 500GB USB External Hard Drive Mac

I originally bought my Mac laptop in order to do Apple app programming with it. However, my boyfriend quickly took over the Mac for his band recording work. He loved the Mac's music editing software and the laptop's easy transportation. On the down side, though, he quickly kept running out of hard drive space. The music files sucked up every available mb.

Seagate drive The Seagate external drive seemed like the perfect solution. It plugs in with a USB port. It comes all set up for the Mac operating system. So all we had to do is plug it in and POOF we had an instant extra 500 gig for music editing. That was exactly what we needed.

The drive has worked like a charm since we installed it. It's now easy to share the music files, move them around to other band members, and do the work we need to do. It is just right.

We didn't use any of the built-in software or features, so we can't comment on those. We can say that as an added-space hard drive the unit is great.

Well recommended.

I was sent a review unit of this drive from the manufacturer.

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