UPS - Uninterruptable Power Supply
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It is critical if you have a home office that you have a UPS. UPS stands for Uninterruptable Power Supply and in essence this is a big, heavy battery that you plug your important systems into. That way if the power goes out for any reason, you can continue to work on your PC for just enough time to get everything saved and shut down. Not only does this save your work in progress, but it helps keep your system's hard drive from becoming corrupted and completely useless.

UPSs generally come in increments of battery time. You can get one that only lasts you 5 minutes - or one that lasts you 30 minutes or more. You might want to go cheap and get the smallest time you can - but think about it. If the power goes out, you might be away from your system. You might have to run and get a flashlight, or make sure other people in the house are OK. Getting to your computer might not be the first thing on your mind. Youstill want your computer to survive until you do have time to shut it down properly.

Note that a UPS is generally NOT a surge protector. You will need to get that separately, in case of a surge or lightning strike coming through your lines.

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