USB Wall Charger

Most of the time you can plug USB devices into your laptop to charge them - but there are times that they will only charge with an acutal in-wall charger unit. This AmazonBasics Wall Charger with USB Outlet is simply that - a plug that goes into the wall and allows a USB device to plug into it to charge.

USB Wall Charger The first issue here is with its design. Yes, the plug prongs fold in for easy carrying - but when you unfold them and plug it into the outlet it takes up pretty much the entire outlet. This is a HUGE issue for me when I travel, which is really the only time I'd use this. I never have enough outlets available in a hotel room. To have a device unnecessarily take up two outlets just makes no sense to me.

This couples with the second issue we had with this unit. The USB plugs do not fully seat into the unit. They leave part of them sticking out. There's no reason for that. A USB plus is not 12 feet long. It is a small, known-length entity. The unit should be designed to allow the entire USB metal section to go within it for safety and security reasons.

In terms of functionality, the unit worked with the various phone and iTouch / iPod devices we tested it with. However, I have heard from other users that they had all sorts of problems with their devices and with the power working smoothly. So while our household's collection of devices were fine, your own mileage may vary with that.

In summary, though, the fact that it is poorly designed in multiple ways meanns we would much rather use other chargers we own rather than use this one.

We received a free test unit of this charger from the Amazon Vine program.

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