ViewSonic VG800b LCD Flatscreen
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I am on my computer pretty much 24 hours a day. I really hated having a large, bulky monitor taking up half of my deskspace. As soon as flatscreens came on the market I wanted one - but I also couldn't compromise the screen quality. I already wear glasses, and I didn't want a monitor with poor contrast to give me problems with vision or headaches.

When the ViewSonic VG800b came on the market, I knew that technology had finally caught up. In addition to all of my webwork, I also review computer games - so the screen quality had to be both sharp and QUICK to keep up with game-speed updates. If your Word document updates slowly it's OK - but if a game screen updates slowly, the monster kills you.

I've been using the ViewSonic for a few years now, and I am still *greatly* pleased with it. The screen contrast is crisp. There aren't any problems at all with the display. The size is a full 18" which gives me a lot of desktop area to work with. Yes, it has speakers attached with it, but again being a game player I have a "real" external set with subwoofer.

Well recommended!

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