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I've been using Windows back since the earliest version that installed on DOS. With every new release there's been people complaining about the changes and the interface. Then they get used to it and complain when a new version comes out to change things again. It's the way life goes. I have to say I have both my laptop and main PC on Vista Ultimate for several months now and am really pleased with it.

I am a computer game reviewer so we have tried ALL sorts of games on Vista. We haven't had any problems at all. I do video and photo editing. No problems with any of my editing tools (except an old Dazzle input device which is really Dazzle's fault, not Window's). I've got QuickBooks and a variety of other office style applications. Honestly, there hasn't been a problem with anything. They all run smoothly.

Remote terminal? Fine. Fax software? Fine. I like the new visual interface. I haven't had any slowdown issues with the software running. I like the update interface, to keep everything in sync with the latest versions.

I don't want to discount people who have issues with software upgrades. I've certainly had my share of problems when trying to upgrade Adobe or Office in the past. I know these types of issues exist. All I can offer is in my household, with the wide variety of software we're running it has been smooth as silk. We even got a new machine for my son for college, with Vista, and he hasn't hit any problems with it at all - even with all the software he downloads, music he plays, and apps he runs.

I know people who try to "cling" to old versions of an OS - like Windows 95 - and the problems it causes is just immense. I know it's a pain sometimes to upgrade, but I do recommend it highly. Vista has been a great platform for us, and it means going forward that we know the software we buy will click in smoothly to our OS.

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