Bank Account and Checks

If you're starting a small business, it is CRITICAL you set up a separate banking account. If you're starting as a DBA, most banks will let you set that up in essence as "another" personal account since it's the same social security number you are using. Usually for only a $10 deposit, you can set up the account and now have a nice, clear separation of finances. It is critical for tax purposes that you keep the business income and expenses separate from your own personal - and then just write yourself a check occasionally if you have profits.

As far as checks go, there are many places to get cheap checks from, if your bank does not provide them for free. I recommend just starting with 2 boxes of 200. You never know if you're going to go from a post office box to a different address, or if you're going to slightly change how you want to have your business name show up. If you buy 1 box you often miss out on the discounts so it's worth it to get that extra box.

Be sure to put both your business name and your personal name on the checks, so that the bank is able to keep track of where these checks belong. Many checks will also let you add a 'tag line' - this is a good spot to put your company's URL.

I don't sell these checks or get any commission from them - these are just ones I've found in my own research.

Bradford Exchange Checks
Cost: $7.98/400 (2 boxes)
S/H: $3.98
Total: $11.96
Sales Tax in: IL, MD
Notes: Lots of dog breeds and movies (Lord of the Rings, Gone with the Wind, etc)

Image Checks
Cost: $7.98/400 (2 boxes)
S/H: $3.50
Total: $11.48
Sales Tax in: AR, MD
Notes: Barbie, World Wildlife Federation, wildlife, nature designs

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