God, Prayer, and a Lottery Ticket

There's a classic joke involving God, Prayer, and a Lottery Ticket which I adore. It illustrates to me several key foundational concepts in entrepreneurship and success.

Here's the gist of it.

A person is at her wit's end because money has run out. She has tried everything she could think of. Now it has come down to sheer faith. She drops on her knees at the side of the bed and prays.

"Dear God, I have struggled to be good. I have worked hard. I have saved. But no matter what I try, I just cannot pay my bills. I plead with you for the help I need. Please let me win the lottery. I will not only settle my own bills, but help with Your great works as well."

When the lottery comes around, she does not win.

The next week, she intensifies her prayer.

"Dear God, please show me what to do. I do good deeds every day. I live as frugally as I can. I work as hard as possible, with a cheerful smile. I do everything that I can to be your faithful servant. I need to win the lottery in order to make it. Please help me."

Again, the lottery comes, and she does not win.

Now she's on her knees crying.

"Please, please God, I don't understand. I am doing everything I can. I need the money. What do I need to do in order to win the lottery?"

God's voice comes whispering into her ear, gentle and kind.

"You need to buy a ticket."

This is just so true. Many times people fail to take the crucial step necessary for success - and then they wonder why they don't have it. I have seen people trying to sell services on the web and their website is ATROCIOUS. Those people rail against the customers for not wanting to buy from them - when it's clearly the website's fault! No person in their right mind would buy services from that website. You need to evaluate what the obstacles are to success - like the lack of a ticket - and then you have to remedy them. You have to make sure your energies are spent in the right area. That poor woman could have worked her fingers to the bone, but if she didn't buy a ticket, she just can't win the lottery. A service provider could have the most fantastic service ever seen on Planet Earth, but if his website looks like it was made by a three-year-old, nobody will ever try him to find out.

Don't work harder. Work smarter. Get the insight you need into WHERE to focus your energies, and then tackle those issues. Success will follow!

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