My Law of Attraction Experience

The Law of Attraction, or Good Karma, or whatever name you give to this phenomenon, can bring success and financial stability. Here is my experience with Law of Attraction, to show how it works.

Finances and Money - Working From Home I have definitely had a wide range of great times to challenging times in my path as an entrepreneur. The world is constantly changing, and environmental conditions slide up to down in a heartbeat. So, over the years, I've learned key focus points to maintain in order to keep life moving smoothly.

First, I invest time in keeping me healthy. I eat healthy foods and exercise daily, which then helps me to sleep well. All three are key for the mind to be alert and energized. This lets me get as much done in a day as possible.

Next, I invest in my emotional health. I meditate, journal, and practice forgiveness. The more smoothly my mind runs, without stress hormones or unnecessary angst weighing it down, the more energy I have available for my chosen tasks.

I maintain multiple streams of effort in areas that bring me joy. That way what I do feeds my energy. If one has challenges, I can work on another. I invest the time to learn and improve in each area. I listen to feedback and experiment with ideas.

So, here's what happened this past week, as just one small example of how this works.

* I have a number of listings on CraigsList which I keep updated each week. A Wii system which had been on there for three months sold.
* I wrote a hosting company I use for general storage and asked about cheaper options. They offered to drop the price from $120/yr to $80/yr no questions asked.
* One of my Facebook clients had canceled her agreement with me to save money. I was pleasant and friendly in my note back and said I'm always around if she changed her mind. A day later, she changed her mind and hired me back.
* An art gallery I'd shown photos at back nine months ago realized that one of my photos has sold, and they had a check for me. So that's now in the mail.
* A watercolor instructor who I gave some free advice to now is willing to trade my advice for free watercolor training, which I really like
* I'm selling off my unwanted books on Amazon. One of my books listed on Amazon sold
* A PaperBackBookSwap book I sent out was received, so I now have credit for a free book, to help me learn more skills
* I'm ready to send out an origami lotus I made for a buyer on Etsy
* My new boxed set version of my novellas is selling, as do all my other ebooks and books

So, as you can see, none of these involved me sitting on my couch eating pints of ice cream and expecting the universe to hand me gifts. I invested time to research and lay out my paths. But I also didn't run frantically like a gerbil on a wheel. I set up multiple streams that I enjoy. These are all causes I believe in. They're activities that bring me pleasure. And each one chugs along at its own pace. For example, I have a pile of things in craigslist. Some days are quiet. Some days are busy. By having that area chugging along, I have recurring income. The same with Amazon, and the ebooks, and PaperBackBookSwap. I set them up and then let them go. They bring in income while I set up another area and let them go. And they all make me happy. Taking photos and selling them makes me happy. Painting watercolors and folding origami makes me happy. Having my ebooks help others makes me happy. These help me enjoy my Wii dancing more, which helps me sleep soundly, which helps me have focused energy to set up even more things the next day. It self-feeds toward success.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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