QuickBooks Accounting Software - Changing an "Other Names" entry to a Vendor / Customer

There are all sorts of reasons that items in QuickBooks end up as an "Other Name" entry. That gets frustrating when you are trying to run reports on customers or vendors and the items are missing! Here is how you fix this problem.

Go into Lists - Other Names List. Find the entry you want. Double click on it to edit it.

Now use "Change Type" to change it to the area you wish. It's a one time only operation, it can't be undone!

This is a GREAT way to merge items together. Say you had a vendor of "Amazon" and also an "Other Names" entry for "Amazon Sales". First make the "Other Names" entry into a vendor as well. Then go into the vendor list and change the name of "Amazon Sales" to be just "Amazon". It'll ask if you want to merge the two together. Say yes, and voila! It's now one entry!

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