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I find Quicken in general very easy to use - so it was a natural when I needed a home business accounting software to take a look at QuickBooks. I only tried this after struggling with Peachtree's cumbersome software and non-helpful technical support for a great deal of time. In comparison, QuickBooks was a breeze!

Installation was quick and painless, and I started setting up my business. The software asked me EXACTLY the types of questions I wanted to answer. What were my credit card accounts. What were my checking accounts. What assets did I have. Did I want to be generating invoices for sales? Did I want to be creating employee records? It was very quick and easy, and the built in help answered exactly the kinds of questions I had along the way.

When I got into the main software after that initial setup, again it was incredibly intuitive. Simple buttons let me leap to areas I had interest in - Banking, Customers, Vendors, Employees, Business Services and Reports. I was initially interested in setting up the history from my bank accounts and checking accounts. Voila - I simply hit the BANKING button and there I was!

I've used QuickBooks for MANY years now and tend to upgrade each year to stay on top of the latest changes (and to reduce the issue of bugs). While it can be confusing at times, and I recommend getting some sort of an "accounting for dummies" book to make sure you track things properly, it definitely makes running a small business a much easier task.

Right now I am using QuickBooks Pro 2009. The upgrade to this version was seamless. I am running it on Windows 7. There are still some things that are confusing to me - like setting up a barter account which then helps someone you've lent money to to pay off the "asset" you have of their loan. It seems QuickBooks documentation often has very simple situations explained but not more complex ones. Still, the web has several support communities to help you with items like this, to get your issues resolved.

In general I've been very pleased with QuickBooks in general and with 2009 in particular. I use it to juggle 4 bank accounts, 5 credit cards, and a number of websites I run.

The only bug I've noticed involves importing credit cards. The auto matching entries import without an issue. However if I try to manually reconcile a single entry that has auto imported, it often will do a "split" with that entry, with the first line being blank and having the dollar amount, and the second line having the name with no dollar amount. So I have to manually fix those splits each time. I spent a week on the phone with QuickBooks support and they couldn't figure it out. So my only hope now is to wait for 2011 to come out and then give that a try, to see if that fixes the problem.

Still, a minor issue in return for a great, solid system that has supported me for years!

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