Statistics Basics

Statistics can seem very scary when you start learning about them. All these terms! All these formulas! But really, statistics are just about the things that tend to happen around you every day. Is it likely that it's going to rain? Is it likely that your baseball team will win the game tonight? Is it more efficient to take the highway to work, or to take the side roads?

Statistics are simply about looking at the things that might happen and thinking about them in terms of probabilities. Learning about statistics can be quite fun, and very useful too!

Getting Started in Statistics
Measures of Central Tendency - Mean, Median, and Mode
Range of Data - how it is spread out
General Addition Rule / General Multiplication Rule
Flipping Pennies Odds
Binomial Distribution
Poisson Distribution
Normal Distribution vs Uniform Distribution and Exponential Distribution
Random Sampling Methods

More In Depth Statistics
Z Score Chart - cumulative
Z Score Chart - distance from center
Z Scores
Standard Deviation and Standard Error
Finding the Top 10%
Confidence Interval Estimate
Level of Confidence
One Tail vs Two Tail
Type 1 Error vs Type 2 Error
One Sample Test of Hypothesis
Hypothesis Directionality

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