Phone, FAX, Net Connections

Staying in touch is critical for any home business. If someone cannot talk to you, they cannot place an order or create transactions with you. If someone cannot find you in the yellow pages, it makes your credibility suffer.

It is well worth it to get a second phone line. Make the entry for this in your business name. Look into the prices for yellow page ads. Yes, it can seem like a lot of money, but it is exactly where people go when they want to find a business in their area. A lot of that information is then picked up and put online.

Get a separate answering machine for the business line, and record a business greeting on it. You might even want a third line for a FAX machine - or if you only FAX a few times a week, you could just use your business line for those activities.

Not only does it make professional sense to have that second line that is for your business, but it also helps on taxes. That way you can clearly deduct everything done on that second line.

Look into the highest speed net connection you can get, so that you can manage your finances, email and other transactions quickly. It is amazing how much time you can lose each day because of a slow net connection. Again, if you use this for your business, it can be deductible.

There are companies out there who will look over your current rates and give you a free evaluation of where you can save money. One I have worked with is Again, it's free, so you don't lose anything. You can gain quite a lot if it turns out you're overpaying for your servcies!

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