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No sales system is ever perfect. For example, the reason I started selling on Amazon is that I had had it with eBay. I used eBay for over ten years, had a 100% rating, and finally stopped using them after being hit by a series of scammers. Now that I'm using Amazon instead, I have certainly run into issues on Amazon as well. It's important to take a deep breath, relax, and realize that these are only a small portion of the overall marketplace. Yes, they exist, and you simply do your best to protect yourself from them.

Here are some issues I've had over the years with Amazon, and how they were resolved.

I Sent the Wrong Item
Yes, it happens :) One time I clicked the wrong button and said I had an XBox version of the Leela Meditation Game instead of the Wii version. I even sent it out not realizing the packing slip said something different than the game did. The buyer was very nice. Maybe it's something about people who meditate ;). They let me know they had the wrong version. They followed the return instructions that Amazon provides, and sent it back to me. I refunded them their money. So it was easy, smooth, and fine.

I Double-Listed an Item
Somehow when I was clicking to list items, I double listed one of my games. So the game sold, and I sent it out. But I still had a second listing in the system for the game, and someone "bought" that imaginary copy. I had to write them and apologize, and explain that it was an incorrect listing. I then cancelled the order. They were fine about it and simply bought a copy from someone else. So again, quick and easy.

Buyer Claimed Item was Not in Like New State
This gets a little more iffy. I am an adult reviewer of video games. I take good care of my games. They sit on a shelf while being played, and then at some point I sell them again. The cases and manuals are in perfect condition. I sold one of my games to a buyer and listed the item as Used - Like New. When he got it he claimed it was damaged. He said it had a broken case and damaged cover. I thought that was really odd, but I agreed to have him ship it back to me. When the game came back, there was now a hairline fracture in the case and - very bizarre - the outer sleeve cover of the DVD case was upside down. I absolutely would have noticed that when shipping it out. But what it appears was really the aim was that the game has an online one-use-only code to download extra maps. That code wasn't used by us, but when the game came back the code had been activated. So we reported the entire situation to Amazon.

Buyer Claimed Item Never Arrived
This one also gets trickier. When you, the seller, send an item through Amazon, you get free tracking information. So it's completely free to get confirmation that the package ends up in the buyer's mailbox. HOWEVER, the buyer can still claim that someone stole the item from their mailbox and you have to refund them the money. That happened to me. Someone bought a $15 game. They had me ship it to a different name and address than their own. The package was supposed to arrive in Brick, New Jersey. I can even see the house in Google Maps (which I admit is sort of scary) - it's a quiet, fairly rural area, not somewhere you'd think mailbox theft was going on. In any case, the only comment I ever received from the buyer was "i did not recieve at all!" [sic] - that's it. I wrote a long message back with the tracking information, and ideas for them, and they never responded. They simply filed an A-Z Claim with Amazon. I then sent Amazon the same information with the tracking information - and they said "sorry too bad" and gave the buyer back all their money. So now I'm out the game, I'm out the money I should have gotten, plus I'm out the shipping costs I paid. This goes to show that if you're shipping something fairly expensive you should probably get SIGNATURE confirmation on it. And you should assume that some small but non-zero percentage of your sales can have this happen to them.

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