Order through Others vs Be an Avon Rep?

Many people become quite fond of Avon products and begin to wonder if they should just become an Avon rep themselves, vs buying the products through another person. Here are things to consider.

Being a Customer
As a customer, you don't have to deal with any sign-up, coordination or issues at all. There's no tax filings. All you do is decide you want something, tell your rep and POOF it appears. No shipping costs, no angry customers, no hassles. You can go on vacation for months, or take a break for budget reasons. The downside here is if you have no rep locally - or if you have troubles with your rep - you're sort of stuck.

Being a Helper
Many reps will take on a person as a "helper". The helper is someone that gets a few brochures and distributes them. So you become a "remote salesperson", if you will. The helper usually gets a discount on purchases. So a helper gets the benefits of the Avon discounts, but none of the hassles. Again, there's no scheduling, no hassles, no tracking, no tax filings. You do have to have a rep that you can trust and work with.

Being an Avon Rep
If you decide to actually be a full time rep, then there are some things to keep in mind. There's the $10 up front fee. It's not much, but it does exist. Next, if you order under $25 on a given order, it's full price. So you aren't getting any discounts at all if you don't cross that $25 threshhold each time. Also, if you skip 3 cycles without an order, they retire you from the system. So if you go away on vacation or something, it could cause you trouble. You are now responsible for getting your orders in on time, getting payments in to Avon on time and so on. You have a contract and your finances are going to be affected if things go wrong. This can be a lot of hassle and responsibility for some people.

On the up side, if you DO plan on buying more than $25 every cycle and have good scheduling / tracking skills, then this can save you a fair amount of money since you get the discounts yourself. And if you're a gregarious type of person, who likes schmoozing with friends, you could draw in others to buy products too, earning you more. Remember to read all of my other pages on this topic, though. This is a small business you're beginning, and it will involve income tax filings, separate finances, probably a separate bank account. So you need to judge for yourself if it's worth the work to set up and maintain, in exchange for the product stream coming directly to you.

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