Avon Campaign 1 - Telling Everyone

During your first two weeks with Avon, your main mission is to let everyone you know that you are now working with Avon. You want to offer them all brochures, get them interested in your new business, and spread the word. Yes, there's a lot to learn about the system. Don't try to do it all at once, and don't panic. Just focus on getting those brochures out to people. Tell them that their orders are due on the day before *your* final date. That way you have that final day to do your tallying and work.

Keep an eye on your calendar, so you know when the order is due.

When it comes close to order time, make sure you contact everyone and get their orders from them. On the day the order is due, double check your list to make sure you got everybody's information. Then either call in the information, or use the internet to put it in.

A few days later, all your items will be delivered to you. Along with the items, you'll get a new set of brochures. Now you're on to Campaign 2 - which will involve distributing the items already bought, collecting the money and handing out the new brochures.

Don't panic! Just focus on the basics for this sweep. Focus on getting your brochures out to people, and getting the orders in. If you get that done, give yourself a pat on the back! You're on your way :)

Apparently some reps live in areas where they have to go FETCH their products. This would seem to be a royal hassle to me. Be sure to ask before you sign up if your products will appear at your home, or if you will be required to go get them every other week. This could be a make-or-break issue for you, depending on your ability to drive around whenever you want to and desire to pay for the gas to do so.

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