Avon Campaign 2 - Delivering Orders

By your second campaign, your friends know that you're in Avon. They're expecting that second brochure. You're now delivering your orders out to them. Key point - make sure they pay WHEN they get their items. It can become very touchy if you're having to chase people for payment once they already have product. Keep it simple. They pay, they get items. It's how every business works, and yours is no different. After all, you have to pay for those items at this point. It's unfair for the people to make you pay for them.

Distribute your second round of brochures. Point out any interesting and new items in this next round. Your friends will now be becoming familiar with their layout and style, and what they offer. They might want an extra one to pass along to a friend or relative. Encourage them to spread the word about your offerings. The more that your group extends, the more sales you will get.

Don't necessarily expect every person to re-order every time. If someone stocks up on skin care products in one cycle, they're probably not going to need more for a while! Things go in cycles. Be aware and understanding of that. Tips
The key thing you're learning during this cycle is how to distribute the products and get payments for them. Don't worry about growing your group too much this time. Just make sure you get all the payments properly, and that you get the products out to your clients. You are making a first impression about how things will be going forward. You want that first impression to be a good one.

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