Avon Campaign 3 - Getting Samples

OK, by the third campaign, you've gotten your group used to the cycle of brochures, and you've gotten the hang of distributing the items they ordered. Now it's time to start building the personal connection of your group.

Order a bunch of interesting samples, perhaps in one specific area. For example, you can get a number of perfume samples. Then get your friends together for drinks and have a fun perfume-smelling session. Figure out who likes which perfumes. Can you guess what they smell like? Can you think up friends or relatives who might appreciate each one? Have a sample or two extra so that, if someone likes a sample, they can bring another one home with them. That way they can really enjoy that sample when they go out to dinner or out dancing. That makes it much more likely that they'll buy a full bottle.

Each day, think about one person you can add into your circle. Maybe it's one of your kid's teachers. Maybe it's the postal delivery person. Keep a few brochures in your car and in your purse, stamped with your personal information and ready to go. Get some business cards made up with your contact information and keep them in your purse.

Don't think of it as being pushy. Think of it as being REALLY helpful. I know a ton of people who love Avon, but who no longer have an Avon lady to order from. They would love to be able to order Avon products again. Many of the people you talk to will be in the same position. Remember, you're not insisting that they buy anything! You're simply offering them your brochure. Many people will be thrilled to get their hands on one.

Start thinking of ways to grow your group a little each day. Think of ways of making your group fun. The more fun and interesting your group, the more people will really start to enjoy being a member of your circle. They'll keep you in mind for holiday presents, birthday presents, wedding presents and much more.

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