Avon Campaign 4 - Networking

By your fourth campaign, you're almost two months into working with Avon. That's a long time! You know how brochures work, how orders work, how to deliver orders to people, how to hand out samples and get people interested in the new products. You've probably started to take a training session or two, to learn more about the system and how it works.

The key now is to start networking. Go to local Chamber of Commerce events and hand out cards and brochures. Go to wine tastings in your area, social events, and anything else that has strangers you haven't talked to yet. It might be that you're very shy. I know I am! But shyness can be overcome with practice. Practice a little each day. Try just one or two new people to talk to, to bring up your Avon sales to. The more you practice talking to people, the easier it will get. And the larger your circle of clients, the more sales you bring in.

Encourage your friends to take extra brochures to give to THEIR friends. Give them samples or discounts as rewards. The more helpers you enlist, the larger your group grows without any extra work on your part.

Networking is key to the growth of any home business. Get out there and talk to people. Tell everyone you know what you're up to. Encourage them to tell people they know. You can find your sales really start to pick up here as you get more and more people in contact with you.

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