Princess Electronic Wind Chime Alarm Clock

I really wanted to like this chime clock. I don't like waking up to blaring sirens or radios. This offered a quiet progression of real chimes to wake me up.

First, the chimes are relatively quiet, so while they wake me up, they don't wake up my boyfriend. You could consider this a good or bad thing :) If he had bought it for him, he'd be pretty annoyed. As it is, it works out well.

The chimes aren't "gentle" though. They are sort of harsh sounding. I'd much rather have wood-on-metal - with the current setup there is a sharp tone to them.

The clock is able to run on batteries of power - but they don't supply a power unit so unless you find one that matches, you are stuck with batteries. With batteries, the clock only lights up (so you can see the numbers) if you press a button. The unit is so light that you really have to grab it to push that button in - which makes it start chiming. It's really a pain to look over, not know what time it is and have to grab it and make noise to find out.

A similar problem happens when you want to shut off the chime. The button for snooze is equally as hard to press in. To actually turn it off, you have to slide a lever - however, the far left position is "ON" (as in always chiming). So it's very easy when trying to slide it from alarm to OFF in a leftward direction (while sleepy) to set the darn things on permanent chime.

There are several other units for slightly more money that don't have these issues, so I suggest you look at those in comparison.

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