Setting Up your Avon Home Office

I have a TON of suggestions on every aspect of running a home office in all of these Working from Home pages. However, these are specific suggestions to help you handle your Avon business as efficiently as possible.

Basic Supplies
Every brochure is only valid in your area for two weeks - but because of how Avon works in different areas, they don't print that ending date ON the brochure for you. So get yourself a date stamp that has the month, date and year in spinny numbers. That way you can stamp the ending date easily on all the brochures you have.

In the same way, you want to have your information on each brochure so when you hand them out people know how to contact you. Decide what you want to give out to people - a phone number, email address, FAX number, etc. Get one of those moving-letter stamps that you can customize, and get it set up with the information you want to distribute. In my case I have my name, email address and website. I don't want people calling me :) Again, it means that getting your brochures ready is quick and simple, and the brochures look professional.

Keep the Avon incoming money COMPLETELY separate from your personal finances. You don't want those two mingling at all. Keep them in a separate wallet or envelope, something so you keep track of which is which.

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